Friendliest Dog Breeds

When adding a new furry four-legged family member it is important to consider personality. What are you looking for to fit in with your living situation? Our Seattle vets will go over some of the friendliest dog breeds.

What Makes a Dog Breed ‘Friendly’

Dogs have been selectively bred to possess particular traits in accordance with the functions that have been assigned to them. Many dogs that have more direct interaction with humans have been bred by selecting characteristics such as being social, easy to train, and not overly aggressive. This has led to an increase in the number of dogs that have these interactions. These dog breeds are excellent examples of those characteristics. Here is a list of five dog breeds that are considered to be among the most sociable of their respective types.

Labrador Retriever

The Newfoundland retriever is the ancestor of its close relative, the Labrador retriever. Despite having been bred to be hunting dogs, these dogs perform exceptionally well in social settings and are frequently seen working as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and even therapy dogs. These dogs are wonderful companions for their human families because they are outgoing, affectionate, and devoted to their masters.


They were bred to be water dogs and are among the most intelligent dog breeds; therefore, it is important to keep them stimulated so that they do not become bored. They have a coat that sheds very little and is known for being gentle on sensitive skin. I want to reassure you that having the signature poodle haircut is not a prerequisite to work for them if that is the main problem you have with them. Because poodles were originally used as water dogs, their hair was cut short to reduce the amount of weight they carried and to keep the joints warm. This gave them an advantage while swimming. An intelligent and affectionate older breed of dog that is a wonderful companion and asset to any family home.


A dog that was bred specifically for the purpose of being a hunting dog, the trait of pack nature that they possess makes them an excellent candidate for joining a family. You shouldn't be fooled by their small size because they have a lot of energy and will require a lot of exercise from you. This lovable mischievous rascal would be overjoyed to become a member of your family.


Boxers were originally bred to serve as guard dogs, and this trait has been passed down through the breed ever since. Their innate need to shield and provide for their family is still there, driving them to be sociable and attentive to the needs of their relatives. Although additional training will be required to break them of their habit of jumping up on people, the additional effort will be well worth it to have such a lovable and muscular companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog was bred specifically to fulfill the role of a companion animal for its future owners. This breed is perfect for you if you want a small dog that can snuggle up on the couch with you like a human companion.

Golden Retriever

When interacting with people and other animals, golden retrievers frequently give off an air of warmth and friendliness. The importance of having confidence in oneself cannot be overstated. In general, Golden Retrievers have a positive outlook on life, which enables them to easily navigate the challenges of the outside world. Additionally, a golden is almost always willing to sit or stay for as long as a person wants them to for as long as they want them.

Border Collie

Border collies are eager to gain your approval. They are always in sync with their owners, which allows them to excel in dog sports like agility and flying disc, as well as in their general training. It is essential, however, to discourage a border collie's natural instinct to round up everything it can see, as this behavior can make the dog more likely to bite people.

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