Jessica Ramos

Head Technician, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jessica is a LVT and has worked with animals since 1999. Working in the animal care field presents many challenges, but Jess enjoys them all and likes the satisfaction of seeing patients recover from illness. Her industry specialization lies within dentistry and she attends continued education classes to obtain the latest skills for dentistry. As a native to the San Juan Islands, she is an avid fisher and has been featured with her catches in outdoor magazines in the past. Outside of work, Jess enjoys watching movies and sports, both live and televised. She especially likes going for walks with her dogs, Inca, Daphne and Jax.




Shaun Gray

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Shaun is an LVT who has been in the veterinary field for 10 years and was raised in Eastern Washington in a town called Walla Walla. He has been a Seattle resident for 13 years now. Shaun loves the outdoors and when he is not working he is hiking, playing softball, or kayaking in the summer. His passion is anesthesia, and the care of pets. He loves cats and dogs equally but has a soft spot for older feline friends.



Rachel Cancienne

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Rachel has been in the veterinary field for 10 years but has worked with a wide variety of animals, from sea creatures during her attendance at Hawaii Pacific University where she received her degree in Marine biology, to eagles and large cats. Although she’s enjoyed her experiences, small animal care has proved her favorite and this year she plans on continuing her education to obtain her Veterinary Technician License.

When not at work, Rachel loves spending free time with her three four-legged kids, Cowboy a 14 yr old lab, Ladybug a 9 yr old Pit/Mastiff mix and Dublin a 2 yr old Golden Retriever. Sunny afternoons are usually spent playing fetch at the beach where Cowboy loves jumping off the dock while Dublin shows off his surfing skills. When not with her dogs, she also enjoys horseback riding, hiking and exploring Washington’s natural wonders.



Jill Platt

Veterinary Assistant

Jill is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who has been in her career field for 16 years. Jill enjoys meeting new clients and patients and loves to make sure all your pets are happy and healthy! She’s always known her passion was animal health as she’s had cats and dogs her whole life. As she says, ‘there’s nothing like the happy welcome you get from a pet, coming home!’ When not at work Jill enjoys family time, painting and exploring Seattle. Being from South Carolina there’s so much more to discover here in the Pacific North West.




Joy Evangelista

Veterinary Assistant

Joy is a Biology graduate from UW. Her love of animals dates back to age 6 when she adopted her first kitten, Keiko. Throughout her high school and college career, Joy has volunteered in multiple animal-related organizations and has especially enjoyed working with our state’s wildlife. As a Seattle native, Joy enjoys hikes and the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.




Allison Barnes

Veterinary Assistant

Allison has been working in the veterinary field since 2013. Her love and passion for animals and their care originates from a very young age and she is currently working on going to school to become a veterinarian. Her interests lie in exotic and wildlife animals with a focus on Zoology and Marine Biology. Growing up in the PNW Allison enjoys spending her free time hiking and camping with her cat and dog, Butter and Scotch.




Rebecca Murphy


Rebecca has been working in the veterinary field since 2011. She has experience in all aspects of the veterinary field and was a veterinary/kennel technician for most of her career. She has known since a young age that animals are her passion but is continuing her career in the medical field. She moved to Seattle in August 2018 as a Florida native, Rebecca loves to be outdoors in her free time and enjoys hiking, fishing and rollerblading. She also enjoys relaxing at home with her sassy calico Sally cat and her tuxedo tomcat Frank (Frankie).




Trang Nguyen

Kennel Technician

This is Trang’s first job in the animal world. Growing up she had many pets such as dogs, fish, birds, parrots. She knew that she would someday want to pursue a career helping animals. Outside of work, Trang enjoys yoga, camping, exploring, playing volleyball and trying new food. She also loves spending time with her two cats Milo and Chase.




Madison Mills

Kennel Technician