Madison Park Veterinary Hospital offers many surgical services including, but not limited to, spays, neuters, laceration repairs, and tumor removals. We pride ourselves on the quality of surgical medicine and care that we perform. During surgery, your pet is monitored manually by a technician (temperature, heart rate, respiration, capillary refill time, etc.) as well as electronically monitored (ECG values-respiratory alert, CO2, etc. and doppler). We maintain your pet on I.V. fluids during the entire length of surgery, and keep him/her warm with a state-of-the-art “Bair Hugger”. Anesthesia is tailored to meet your pets specific needs, and is of human grade quality. The doctors and staff focus on pain management to ensure the comfort and ease of recovery for each animal. You can feel rest assured that your pet is in the best hands during and after his/her surgical procedure.