Diagnostic Laboratory

Laboratory diagnostics (i.e. blood and urine testing) are important in assessing the functionality of your pet’s organ and body systems. Each laboratory test provides a “snap-shot” of a specific aspect of your pet’s body. Using these lab diagnostics, the appropriate treatment can be instigated to help heal your family member’s disease process and restore health. Some of the most common diseases that we detect with lab screening are thyroid illness, diabetes, kidney disease and liver disease. Early detection and treatment of these diseases can prolong your pets life by several years. We send most samples to a local laboratory and usually have results on most tests the next day. We also have in-house blood machines to run faster diagnostic testing if needed.


Radiology is another tool used to diagnose and treat disease via imaging. Radiographs are produced by the transmission of x-rays through the patient to a capture device and converted into an image. Once we obtain this image, it is looked at by the veterinarian, and then sent out for a consult by a radiologist.


Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique used to visualize internal organs, muscles, and tendons. Ultrasonic devices are used to capture size, structure, and any pathological lesions with real time images. Here at Madison Park Veterinary Hospital, we use the services of Animal Imaging Consultants, a mobile radiologist. Dr.Yanik has extensive training in ultrasound,diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

Cold Laser

Our cold laser is a deep tissue therapy laser. It uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. It can help reduce pain, inflammation, and increase speed of healing.